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Virtue Can Be So Boring (One-Shot, Damon/Bonnie)

Title: Virtue Can Be So Boring
Author: manicmarauder88
Pairing: Damon/Bonnie
Rating: R-NC-17
Word count: ~250
Spoilers: Basically only that there are characters that are called Damon and Bonnie.
Warnings: Blood! And some sexing.
Disclaimers: What a surprise. I own nothing. Further disclaimer: I haven't written anything that wasn't an academic paper for an extremely long time and I sort of, uh, forgot how to write fic. You've been warned.

Most of the other vampires he knows would say that virgin blood is the sweetest. Wholesome and honeyed to the taste, it goes down easy, trickling down the throat like the finest spring water.

Damon's never had much of a sweet tooth.

Bonnie's blood, on the other hand, tastes of sin and lust, two things Damon is well-versed in. He's never understood the appeal of virgin blood; sure, it's pure and all, but the blood of someone who fucks and loves every second of it is much more enticing.

As his teeth puncture the soft skin over her femoral artery, the familiar hot sensation floods his mouth. The desire that permeates even her very blood is intoxicating. His hand traces up her other thigh, sliding across silken skin to the source of her heat. He thumbs lazily over her clit, while his other hand holds down her bucking hips.

His tongue laps at the blood dripping down her thighs in the same even rhythm as his fingers stroke in and out of her wetness. The more aroused she is, the better she tastes. He takes his time, savoring the taste of desire and sex that Bonnie provides. She moans as his fingers work in her, muscles clenching when he brings her to release. That moment, right there, was what left virgin blood so lacking. He can taste her orgasm on his own lips, and it's infinitely more exhilarating than the sweet, simple blood of a virgin.

Damon's never had much of a sweet tooth.
Tags: adult, tv: bonnie bennett, tv: bonnie/damon, tv: damon salvatore

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